Monday, August 23, 2010

Today's experiment ..... failed

Perhaps not surprisingly, my attempt to take in Saturday's Beijing Baxy match ended in failure. My record of needing at least two attempts to find any place not screamingly obvious to the layman remains intact.

After hours of digging and Googling, I found two possibilities for Baxy's home stadium. Wikipedia (which is never wrong) said it played at Haidian Stadium, while the gambling websites I checked (for informational purposes only) said it played at the Chaoyang Sports Complex. These two places are not close to each other, so I figured I had a 50/50 shot at being right (insert your own "everything is 50/50" joke here). Given the reliability of one site versus another, I went with Haidian Stadium.

To quote the old knight from the third (and last) Indiana Jones movie, I chose ... poorly. Oh well, there's still four home games left.

At least I'll have plenty of time to make sure of my directions from here on out. Word came down today from the big bosses at work that our section's deadline is now 8 p.m. The paper is bass-ackwards enough with the smallest sports sections on the weekend and the largest in the middle of the week, but this? I know it's important to get the product in the customers' hands in a timely fashion, but what exactly are we giving them? Add this to the fact that departments are being encouraged to read other sections and flag up any mistakes that make the paper and it's clear that some high-paid muckety-muck has his Dolce-Gabbana knickers in a right old twist.

In happier news, I've started running SETI@home on my laptop. It might actually do some good for the world and there's less chance of it getting me sued than a file-sharing client. I tried a couple other programs -- Einstein@home, Cosmology@home, LHC@home -- but none of them seemed to work. At this moment, I have a total credit of 724, which I believe affords me a broadsword, three Phoenix Downs and a free SETI coffee mug.

Today is the first day of fall 2010 classes for CCC -- total cost for nine credit hours and books is just a shade under $1,000 (war digital editions of textbooks). American Government, Comparative Religions and History of Jazz should make for a full five months or so. At some point I will muster up the gumption to take College Algebra ... just not quite yet.

(10 bonus points to anyone who gets the reference in the title)

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