Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye

Sky Sports to Andy Gray: "Do us a favour, love."
Andy Gray, the Sky Sports presenter at the centre of a sexism storm following derogatory comments about a female official, has been sacked by the broadcaster in response to "new evidence of unacceptable and offensive behaviour".
Sky Sports managing director Barney Francis, who yesterday disciplined both Gray and Richard Keys for their comments, said he had "no hesitation" in summarily terminating Gray's contract.
"Andy Gray's contract has been terminated for unacceptable behaviour. After issuing a warning yesterday, we have no hesitation in taking this action after becoming aware of new information today," he said.
Sky said in a statement that the new evidence related to "an off-air incident that took place in December 2010" and "came to light after Andy Gray had already been subjected to disciplinary action for his comments of 22 January 2011".
It is not clear whether the incident in question is a YouTube clip that emerged today that showed Gray making sexist comments to a co-presenter before going on air.
Here is the YouTube clip in question. Maybe a bit innocuous, but you can certainly see a pattern of behavior emerging.

No word on if Keys will face any further punishment. About the only downside to this is that apparently Sian Massey was pulled from her scheduled game tonight, Crewe vs. Bradford.

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