Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Scary stuff

Brace yourselves, folks. Something came through the area on Monday and gave me a right royal fright. I managed to keep my sanity long enough to snap a picture, but it's so disturbing I dare not post it above the fold.

Be warned: Scariness lurks below.

Snow. Why did it have to be snow? I'd managed to elude this dreadful force since 2007, having fled the US mainland for Hawaii that July and following that with an extended stay in Jakarta. Even during the chilliest days of my Beijing sojourn, it never snowed.

Forget the calendars -- winter is upon us and I and my tropic-thinned blood are ill-prepared for the frigid wasteland that awaits. I fear the worst. If I don't post again, send a search party and a banana cream pie after me.

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