Saturday, April 30, 2016

The nickel tour, Tokyo edition

A brief tour of my humble abode. It's a bit more spacious than my lodgings for my first four months in Tokyo and the rent is much cheaper, but the trade-off is being way out in the western suburbs and a 90-minute door-to-door commute to campus. Let's just say I probably won't be falling behind on listening to podcasts for a while.

The apartment is about 23 square meters, whereas the previous one was 16 at best. The rent is 54,000 yen per month (about $500), which is just about doable as long as the yen doesn't keep strengthening. Finding a more steady, better-paying job would take a load off my mind on that front. Right now I'm juggling four irregular, web-based gigs that, when combined, will pay the rent and not much else. Financial aid and scholarships will be key, lest my savings get drained even faster than anticipated. Quite the change from Abu Dhabi.

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