Friday, November 11, 2016

"It'll be FINE! Just give him a chance!"

"Well, golly. Folks sure do seem to have a bee in their bonnet about the new president. He hasn't even taken office yet -- what could they possibly be protesting?"

You could just write them off as sore losers... but you'd be badly mistaken. Maybe it's people reacting in horror that enough people were OK with voting for a racist, sexist, xenophobic bigot that a racist, sexist, xenophobic bigot got elected president. News flash: Voting for a racist who openly advocates racist policies makes you complicit in racism, no matter how noble you believe your intentions to be. And if being called out for enabling racism makes you angry or uncomfortable, maybe take a moment and consider the effect your actions have had on those whose lives have become exponentially more difficult thanks to what you've enabled.

Also, asking people to sit down, shut up, and play nicely with those who would deny their very humanity is not a message that is going to resonate.
You’re looking for me to suck it up and sing kumbaya with people who by their own action or inaction threw women, LGBTQs, immigrants, Muslims, Native Americans, the disabled, blacks and Latinxs, the poor, the environment, 20 million people who will lose health insurance etc. under the fucking bus because “They want us fighting among ourselves,” “They want us divided,” and “That’s how they always win.” No. That is an abuser’s tactic, and that shit does not fly with me. Not any more.
I am not the one who did the fucking “dividing” here; YOU are refusing to hold accountable those who are actually responsible. They, and you, need to OWN THAT SHIT.
But maybe it's more than that. Maybe, just maybe, people are worried the new regime will actually follow through on its promises. It's a legitimate worry given who is reportedly in the running for the new cabinet.
Still no word as to who will be in charge of undoing decades of automation and globalization in order to bring low-paying manufacturing jobs back to America. It's early days, though.

If acting under the assumption that the president-elect and his party are going to do what they've been saying for months they're going to do makes me "unfair", then OK, I'm unfair. Weirdly enough, I would prefer to act up now to prevent people's rights from being taken away as opposed to "giving him a chance" to do so and having to play catch-up. Ounce of prevention, pound of cure, etc.

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