Sunday, August 23, 2015

I sound like An Old

I am a fairly private person. Yes, I make the occasional appearance on social media or podcasts, but for the most part I don't enjoy putting myself out there. I don't particularly like talking about myself, and pictures of me on the internet are hard to find.

This is by design. I enjoy my solitude, and this whole internet culture of documenting everything with one's smartphone and immediately uploading it to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook just leaves me cold. Human memory is fallible, I know, but is the ability to watch a video you'll probably forget about days after the fact worth seeing some of the most enjoyable moments of your life through a viewfinder rather than your own eyes?

And yet -- every so often there are moments that make me think this proliferation of documentation isn't all bad. For example, when the Foo Fighters Rickroll a Westboro Baptist Church protest. (HT Joe. My. God.)

(An aside: How far has the WBC fallen that they're reduced to picketing rock concerts? It's sad, funny and pathetic all at once.)

It's good that we have people documenting little, joyous moments such as these. Just don't expect it to be me.

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