Thursday, December 31, 2015

On the road again, again

I've noticed something of an ebb and flow during my recent moves. See if you can spot the trend.

Me in 2006: "I'm moving to La Grande, Oregon." Other person: "Where?"

Me in 2007: "I'm moving to Hawaii." Other person: "Cool!"

Me in 2008: "I'm moving to Jakarta." Other person: "Where?"

Me in 2010: "I'm moving to Beijing." Other person: "Cool!"

Me in 2013: "I'm moving to Abu Dhabi." Other person: "Where?"

Me in 2015: "I'm moving to Tokyo." Other person: "Cool!"

If I had any sense, I'd find somewhere to put down roots and start establishing a life as something other than a leaf on the wind. Circumstances and my own limitations, however, seem determined to keep that from happening.

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