Friday, September 30, 2016

There is clearly something wrong with me

I am 35 years old. As of a little bit ago, I have moved house for the 26th time during my time on this planet. My memory might be a little shaky at the start, but I'm pretty sure this list is accurate.

Central City to Wolbach
Wolbach to Kenesaw
Kenesaw to Grand Island (Vine)
Grand Island (Vine) to Grand Island (17)
Grand Island (17) to Grand Island (Tornado Hill)
Grand Island (Tornado Hill) to Grand Island (Sherman)
Grand Island (Sherman) to Fort Worth
Fort Worth to Grand Island (Sherman)
Grand Island (Sherman) to Bellevue
Bellevue to Elkhorn
Elkhorn to La Grande
La Grande to Hilo
Hilo to Papaikou
Papaikou to Hilo
Hilo to Jakarta (Semanggi)
Jakarta (Semanggi) to Beijing
Beijing to Jakarta (Semanggi)
Jakarta (Semanggi) to Jakarta (Festival)
Jakarta (Festival) to Marquette
Marquette to Bellevue
Bellevue to Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi to Marquette
Marquette to Bellevue
Bellevue to Tokyo
Tokyo to Higashi-Murayama
Higashi-Murayama to Ichikawa

This most recent move involved lugging all my belongings from one side of Tokyo to the other, on the train and by foot. I could've just spent a couple hundred thousand yen and saved myself a whole bunch of time and trouble, but no -- I must give in to my compulsion to make things more difficult than they need to be. It's OK; I've just about recovered all the feeling in my fingers.

Recounting this story did induce one person to tell me, "You need to settle down." Oddly enough, this person is not a relative but one of my Political Science professors. I'll tell you, dear reader, the same thing I told this professor: I would love to stick and stay somewhere, but good reasons to do so have proved elusive. Thus far I've either lived in a nice place with a lack of opportunities, an opportunity-rich place where I'd prefer not to live, or somewhere not particularly nice or laden with opportunities.

Tokyo is both nice and rich with opportunities; it's also expensive as hell and has a steep curve for those not fully conversant in Japanese. I plan to stay here another year to complete my degree. I'd love to stick around longer, but something needs to change to make that more than an aspiration.

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